Warmly celebrate the company developed a new device - CYP6P small pre-press

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Semiconductor packaging and testing is the world's first semiconductor companies to shift to China's industries. In recent years, rapid growth of China's packaging and testing companies, foreign companies to the Chinese semiconductor packaging and testing large-scale transfer of production capacity, packaging and testing outsourcing has become an inevitable choice for international IC manufacturers, from 2007 has been more than 10 IDM corporate seal measuring plant closures, China's semiconductor packaging and testing industry is full of vitality. Packaging and testing industry has become the main body of China's semiconductor industry, occupies a half, and technically has also begun to move closer to the international advanced level. Global packaging and testing capacity to accelerate the transfer to China, China packaging and testing industry market continues upward trend, the semiconductor packaging and testing industry is facing good opportunities for development.

ShenZhen Comwin Automation Technology Co.,Ltd."honesty, pragmatic, mutually beneficial cooperation and common development" operating principles. This year on May 8, CYP6P leaders at all levels of leadership, coordination of various departments, cooperation, and finally with the results. CYP6P it is a small pre-press, its characteristics and CYP6P similar, except that the preload platform X-axis, high-precision servo drive, and the DD motor alignment, the outer conductor, and become a new milestone in the history of development. Shenzhen-billion Automation Technology Co., to "create a world-class fully automated assembly enterprise" as the goal. Strengthen theoretical and operational learning, courage to innovate and improve the technical level, the COG industry booming! I also wish our company to the next level!